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Could Mixed Reality be the Future of Remote Work and Play?

By March 14, 2023TIFCA News

Thomas Poppelgaard, CEO of Poppelgaard and Vice-President in TIFCA’s Board of Directors, showcased his latest demonstration of what the future of remote work and play could look like with mixed reality technologies.

In this case, Thomas ran a cloud-streamed version of Fortnite using Xbox Cloud Gaming alongside a Microsoft Windows 365 Cloud PC running through an HTML5 browser. Why was this so unique?

  1. Both the experiences were being run simultaneously through the eyes of a Hololens 2 headset
  2. The physical keyboard and mouse peripherals were both visible and usable
  3. 100% of the experiences were cloud streamed through a 20mbit connection with 60ms latency.

Thomas will be speaking at the next Remote Work and Play Forum meeting. Contact us to learn more!