How CORA Could Reimagine Computing

The term Create Once Reach All (CORA) refers to methods and frameworks that deliver consistent high-end user experiences on diversely powered client devices.  They achieve this by leveraging the combined ecosystems of client devices, cloud services, content development, and broadband infrastructure.  The desired outcomes are for content to run equally well on multiple client device solutions by supplementing their capabilities with cloud computing, and to ease the process for application makers to support cross-platform.

Why CORA Approaches Matter to Content & Application Makers

the Audience

Grow Audience Size

CORA could grow market sizes because:

  • Cloud-enhanced devices can do more.
  • Reduced up-front costs for users to take advantage.
  • Lower cost + better products = bigger audience!


Do More

CORA approaches could enable:

  • Higher quality graphics and processor-intensive applications.
  • Maximized performance in all form factors.
  • Immediate user-wide compute technology upgrades.


Streamline Content Development

CORA could simplify content development by:

  • Distributing compute resources to a wider audience.
  • Clearing bottlenecks and horsepower restrictions
  • Reducing the amount of optimization needed between client devices.

How CORA Changes the Processing Equation

Jon Peddie Research cross section of GPU GFLOPS for PC, console, and mobile devices.

SHOWN LEFT: Compute horsepower comparison

  • PC is always ahead of the pack.
  • Console is 3-5 years behind PC.
  • Mobile is 10 years behind PC.

With a CORA framework, all platforms are equally powered!

What the Client-to-Cloud Revolution means for computing.

How Industry Could Benefit From CORA Frameworks


Tools and Content Development Tools

  • Could justify specialized product development
  • Tools may be able to do more for users
  • More potential customers

Platform Owners

Platform Owners / Makers

  • Users could do more
  • Platform supporters could do more
  • New business opportunities
  • Client devices could stay on platform longer

Technology Makers

Technology Makers

  • Applications in client and cloud
  • New business potential
  • New avenues for product innovation
  • Available compute resources may expand audience potential

Cloud Service

Cloud Service Providers

  • Expanded service offerings
  • New user and subscriber markets
  • New business development opportunities
  • Justification for cloud services


Client Devices

  • Robust content support
  • High-end user experiences for most devices
  • Extended shelf life for products sold
  • Could result in more business

and 5G

Broadband and 5G

  • User justification for higher-tiered broadband products
  • More subscriber business
  • Greater ROI for infrastructure upgrades
  • Motivation for continued innovation

CORA Benefits the Whole Ecosystem


Economic Growth

  • Cloud service providers could have more to sell and to more people
  • Device makers could do more for their users
  • Technology makers could scale more and more often
  • Application and content creators could reach a bigger audience
  • Infrastructures like 5G, Wifi6, and broadband could have greater justification and purpose.


Environmentally Sound

  • CORA approaches could be more energy efficient.
  • Infrastructure could be environmentally friendly as it scales.
  • Could reduce unnecessary E-Waste as ecosystem progresses.
  • Power sources can be chosen wisely


Enables Everyone

  • Mobile immersive devices would benefit from premium compute capabilities.
  • Innovators could get their compute needs right away.
  • Startup to viability could happen faster for bleeding edge technologies of all sizes.

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