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Client to Cloud in Architecture

By October 2, 2019SchedulePages

Dominique Pouliquen, CEO, Cintoo

Dominique Pouliquen


The Client-to-Cloud Revolution is about more than accessing your data any place and on any device. It’s also about doing things that were otherwise impossible. A big challenge engineering and architecture professionals need to overcome is determining how to make changes or do repairs with existing buildings and structures. Laser scanners collect the necessary data, but this is terabytes and terabytes of information that is difficult to work with and distribute.

Cintoo converts this data in the cloud to something that is a lot more manageable and workable on all devices so that architecture professionals can easily get the information they need to do whatever needs to get done with all kinds of information that was previously very challenging to work with. Dominic will explain the process on stage complete with a virtual reality demonstration!