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TIFCA’s Client-to-Cloud Ecosystem Report

Who Should be Part of TIFCA

The Client-to-Cloud Revolution is bigger than any one organization and we wanted to see who the industry perceives as priority players in making this ecosystem work.


Who industry said they want to see joining TIFCA according to TIFCA's ecosystem report.


Most of the respondents were roadmap level people, and we saw that many were taking a bit of a self-protective measure in how this question was answered. For example, when organization X answered the question, they said their group “could” be involved while organization Y “should” be involved. Simultaneously organization Y would say they “could” be involved while organization X “should” be involved.

Even with the above behavior, 85% to 96% of the questionnaire sample said that the identified stakeholders either could or should be part of TIFCA to further the Client-to-Cloud Revolution objectives. A very minor difference listed certain stakeholders as being “not applicable”.

TIFCA analysis

It’s Time to Lead!

The International Future Computing AssociationThe majority of respondents were roadmap-writing C-level executives working across the client-cloud ecosystem.  Questionnaire respondents included CEOs, vice-presidents, directors, and similar top tier management.  They invested the effort to complete this questionnaire, they agreed with and supported the direction our industry is headed, and now is the time to turn opinions into realities.

TIFCA has already written its organization roadmap for the Client-to-Cloud Revolution and we are holding weekly membership and working group meetings to fulfill our mission. Be an important part of those meetings and help lead and enable the next era of computing.