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TIFCA’s Client-to-Cloud Ecosystem Report

Revolution Priorities

TIFCA needed to determine if the core mission statements of the Client-to-Cloud Revolution have merit and were deemed important enough. This questionnaire was done shortly after the inaugural International Future Computing Summit, and the answers here would be the first indicator of whether or not our vision connected with industry.

Terms Defined


Create once, Reach All in the Client-to-Cloud Revolution“A write-once reach-many client device ecosystem” refers to the ability for application and content creators to create once, and have their application automatically work on all devices according to ability and ergonomics.


Local client compute devices cloud-enhanced beyond their abilities.“Localized client devices enhanced beyond their processing abilities by cloud computing” refers to cloud gaming, application streaming, and collaborative compute between client, cloud and everything in-between.


Client to Cloud Ecosystem“A fully realized client:cloud ecosystem” refers to the full vision put forth in TIFCA’s vision document.



The industry's priorities in the Client-to-Cloud Revolution from TIFCA's Client-Cloud Ecosystem Report.


TIFCA analysis

The questionnaire results consistently showed 80% to 90% of respondents deem the objectives as either “important” or “very important”. The lowest score was “neutral” by 11% to 18% of the sample. No one suggested that these objectives are “unimportant” or “not applicable”.

These results are exceedingly positive given that most of the respondents are roadmap level executives from very different parts of the compute ecosystem.

At a minimum, we know that the respondents see the benefits of achieving this vision and we think it’s fair to surmise that the objectives are perceived as being doable.

TIFCA analysis