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TIFCA Press Releases

Next3D Streams Live 360° Stereoscopic Video To Virtual Reality Displays Such As The Oculus Rift

By TIFCA Press Releases

ATLANTA (May 7, 2014) – Next3D®, a pioneer and leader in stereoscopic video compression and transmission solutions, announced today deployment of its proprietary NextStream360™ system to capture sports, concerts, films, and other experiences for broadcast in virtual reality displays.

“Next3D’s revolutionary technology has the power to truly connect viewers to sporting events as if they are THERE,” said Jerry Steinberg, former SVP, Fox Sports Media Group. “Even better, actually, because viewers can move between different premium locations to ‘virtually attend’ the game.” Read More

The Immersive Technology Alliance Welcomes Industry Visionaries

By TIFCA Press Releases
ITA Announces the Addition of Seven Industry Leading New Members

San Francisco, CA. (April 29, 2014) – The Immersive Technology Alliance (The ITA) is the official voice and standards body for new immersive technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, stereoscopic 3D, gesture tech, and everything in-between. The association is pleased to welcome seven new members to its respectable roster.

David Traub is Principal of Epiphany Film Fund, and was personally responsible for producing the on-display graphics work in the Lawnmower Man; the 1993 science fiction movie that introduced VR to the global audience. Read More

The Immersive Technology Alliance to Launch at Game Developers Conference

By TIFCA Press Releases

Non-profit organization represents and grows Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D and Gesture markets.

San Francisco, CA. (Mar 13, 2014) – Originally founded in 2009, The Stereoscopic 3D Gaming Alliance has been formally renamed the The Immersive Technology Alliance (The ITA) and has an expanded mandate to effectively meet the needs of the newly established Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), stereoscopic 3D and gesture industries. With special thanks to The Khronos Group and The PC Gaming Alliance (PCGA), The Immersive Technology Alliance is being launched at Game Developers Conference in a private session on March 18, 2014 at 9:15AM. Read More