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World’s Leading Immersive Products, Experts, and Industry Join Forces at Immersed

By TIFCA Press Releases

Immersed medium

Over 40 Speakers and First-Look Exhibition Will Build Market and Wow Audiences

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – Nov 13, 2014) – Organized by The Immersive Technology Alliance, the Immersed conference features two days of sessions by worldwide virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and 3D experts. It takes place at 99 Sudbury in Toronto, Ontario on Sunday November 23rd to Monday November 24th. Full registration includes sessions, meals, and priority exhibit access.

“AMD Radeon™ GPUs and AMD Accelerated Processing Units are widely recognized as high-performance platforms for augmented, gestural and virtual reality technologies,” said David Nalasco, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, AMD. “We are proud to support Immersed as an opportunity to foster new Canadian expertise in these exciting areas of graphics innovation.”

Premium level sponsors include Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) and ImmersiON-VRelia. Founding Partners are Canada Media Fund and Ontario Centres of Excellence. The Network of Angel Organizations of Ontario, The Khronos Group, The Canadian 3D and Advanced Imaging Society and more are Immersed promotion partners.

“ImmersiON-VRelia’s mission is to drive human evolution through the mass adoption of VR. For instance, you can now easily have access to NASA scientific information, the solar system, and the circulatory system; all in an immersive environment, on a smartphone, and at a very low cost,” said Manuel Gutierrez-Novelo, founder and CEO of ImmersiON-VRelia. “We’re excited to share and showcase our ideas and technology at Immersed!”

Sample international speakers include John Gaeta (The Matrix Trilogy Academy Award winner, Lucasfilm), Mary Spio (Next Galaxy), Neil Trevett (The Khronos Group, Nvidia), Scott Broock (Jaunt), Shannon Blake Gans (New Deal Studios), Karl Krantz (Silicon Valley Virtual Reality), and more. Canada’s Habib Zargarpour (Creative Director, Microsoft Studios), Gord Harris (Christie Digital), David Nalasco (AMD), James Milward (Secret Location), Ana Serrano (Canadian Film Centre Media Lab), Ray Sharma (XMG Studio), James Stewart (Geneva Film Company), and more will also be speaking.

“I’m thrilled to be joining such a fantastic lineup of immersive technology pioneers and visionaries. SVVR is proud to support Immersed and its organizers as we share a common goal of helping to build a large and diverse industry,” said Karl Krantz, Founder and Curator of Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (SVVR) Meetup and Conference.

Exhibition features immersive experiences and technology by Occupied VR (David Cronenberg Experience) and the Canadian Film Centre, Jaunt, Dimension Technology Inc., and exclusive first-sight material! Register now as spots are limited, paid registrants get access priority.

Professionals and entrepreneurs alike are encouraged to attend. Representatives from the media, investment community, and the world’s leading expertise will be at Immersed. All the tools needed to firm up a career or business with immersive content or technology will be present.

Immersed features a training stream for content makers learning about the latest technologies on both desktop and mobile platforms. Recognized experts include Sebastien Kuntz (MiddleVR), Ben Miller (Wemo Lab), Dr. Jason Jerald (Nextgen Interactions), and Arun Kulshreshth (University of Central Florida).

Temporary code “ImmerseMe” reduces registration by $75. Deeply discounted exhibition options available for qualified early start-ups requiring media and investment group attention. Contests and prizes to be announced!

Free exhibition opens to the general public on the Sunday afternoon. Limited space! Register for free online and in advance.

To learn more about Immersed visit:

About The Immersive Technology Alliance (The ITA)

Immersed is organized by The ITA. Non-profit and non-proprietary, it’s the official voice and industry body for technologies like augmented and virtual reality, 3D, gesture technology, and more.

Carol Warren
Crew Communications
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Content, Technology and Investment Leaders Join Forces on Reality Shaking Event in November

By TIFCA Press Releases


New Products and Industry Builders Immerse Toronto in Virtual Reality and More

TORONTO, ON–(Marketwired – Oct 21, 2014) – Organized by The Immersive Technology Alliance, the Immersed conference features two days of sessions by worldwide Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D experts. It takes place at 99 Sudbury in Toronto, Ontario on Sunday, November 23rd to Monday, November 24th.

Luminaries include John Gaeta (Academy Award winner, Creative Director for New Media and Experiences, Lucasfilm), Habib Zargarpour (Creative Director, Microsoft Studios), Mary Spio (President, Next Galaxy), Neil Trevett (President, The Khronos Group, VP at Nvidia), David Nalasco (Senior Technical Marketing Manager, AMD) and more. Speakers added regularly.

Founding Partners of Immersed are the Canada Media Fund and Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE). The Network of Angel Organizations of Ontario, The Khronos Group, The Canadian 3D and Advanced Imaging Society and more are Immersed promotion partners.

“Being involved in this event was a natural fit for Ontario Centres of Excellence,” said Dr. Tom Corr, President and CEO of OCE. “We are supporting numerous Ontario companies who are making advances in the AR and gesture technology and this is a great opportunity to showcase their work while building new professional relationships.”

“Angel investors will surely take an interest in Ontario’s best immersive-tech startups, and the Network of Angel Organizations Ontario is grateful for the opportunity to learn more about this new and exciting technology,” said Mark Lawrence, Director, Network of Angel Organizations Ontario.

Markets include video games, immersive cinema, health, and more. New products will be announced and revealed, all applicable professionals and entrepreneurs are encouraged to attend. Representatives from the media, investment community, and the world’s leading experts will be at Immersed. All the tools needed to firm up a career or business with immersive content or technology will be present.

Immersed also features a training stream for content makers learning about the latest technologies on both desktop and mobile platforms. The growing list of recognized experts includes: Sebastien Kuntz (I’m in VR), Ben Miller (Wemo Lab), and Jason Jerald (Nextgen Interactions).

Temporary code “gettingimmersed” reduces registration by $200. Promotion ends soon! Deeply discounted exhibition options are available for qualified early start-ups requiring media and investment group attention. Contests and prizes to be announced!

Hotel discounts, registration and exhibition space are limited. Free exhibition is available to the general public on Sunday afternoon. These ‘exhibit only’ registrations are available online and in advance.
To learn more about Immersed visit:

About The Immersive Technology Alliance (The ITA)

Immersed is organized by The ITA. Non-profit and non-proprietary, it’s the official voice and industry body for technologies like augmented and virtual reality, 3D, gesture technology, and more.

ITA Announces Metaverse Working Group

By TIFCA Press Releases

AvaCon, Cloudhead Games, Siliconarts, Cubicle Ninjas and More Join Alliance

October 2, 2014 – The Immersive Technology Alliance (The ITA) is pleased to announce that AvaCon will be leading a working group pertaining to the development and interoperability of the metaverse in the VR space.

“The Immersive Technology Alliance brings together expertise from across the field to foster and promote innovation in this space, and it couldn’t be happening at a more important time,” said Chris Collins, President of AvaCon. “As the mainstream media turns its attention back to virtual reality, it is critically important that we have a forum for immersive technology developers, content creators, and innovators to work together on issues and standards, and the ITA is providing that forum.”

ITA member AvaCon, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the growth, enhancement, and development of the metaverse, virtual worlds, augmented reality, and 3D immersive and virtual spaces. Other new ITA members include Siliconarts, Cubicle Ninjas, and Cloudhead Games.

“Whether it’s through our Board of Directors, advisory team, or general membership, the alliance works by attracting some of the industry’s brightest minds and providing a professional forum to openly discuss and solve real problems and drive the industry forward. As a non-profit organization, we are here for the industry and by the industry. It’s gratifying to see The ITA reaching that critical mass where working groups like this are now possible, and there is more to come. We have big plans for the near future,” said Neil Schneider, Executive Director of The Immersive Technology Alliance.

“Through ITA activities, Siliconarts hopes to deliver its distinguished VR hardware platform (real-time ray-tracing) to the community and embrace the latest VR technologies from other members. We strongly believe that the ITA assets including its members, knowledge, technologies and network will be a great resource to Siliconarts in materializing its technology and, Siliconarts’ contribution to the ITA will allow the organization to be equipped with an optimal hardware platform for near-future VR application.” – Hee Jin (Colin) Shin, Co-Founder.

“Cubicle Ninjas’ mission is to craft creative and emotionally engaging brand experiences. The unexplored potential of virtual reality and augmented reality for brand storytelling is thrilling to us. In fact, this spirit of discovery is the reason we wake up each day. We’re honored to join the Immersive Technology Alliance (ITA), which leads the way in fostering cutting-edge creative collaboration and innovation.” – Josh Farkas, Strategy Ninja.

“Cloudhead Games is an indie studio with a diverse and accomplished crew that includes AAA blockbuster game development experience. We are building The Gallery: Six Elements, a richly narrative adventure and exploration game from the ground up for virtual reality. The Gallery is fueled by intuitive physical interaction and puzzles, nestled within a deeply immersive environment. As long time VR enthusiasts, we are eager to connect with other VR pioneers through the Immersive Technology Alliance to learn and to contribute to shaping the future of Virtual Reality.” – Denny Unger, CEO of Cloudhead Games.

Non-profit and non-proprietary, The Immersive Technology Alliance is the official voice and standards body for technologies like augmented and virtual reality, stereoscopic 3D, gesture technology, and more. The alliance’s history dates back to 2009 when it was founded as The Stereoscopic 3D Gaming Alliance. Over the years, the alliance has been regularly featured in the press, it has raised government funding for and partnered on academic research pertaining to immersive technology, and has had a worldwide presence through events and technology demonstrations.

To learn more visit:

The Immersive Technology Alliance



Cubicle Ninjas

Cloudhead Games

NextVR Announces the World’s First Virtual Reality 360-Degree 3D Digital Cinema Camera System

By TIFCA Press Releases

System Helps Filmmakers and Broadcasters Capture Ultra High Definition VR Content to Address Growing Consumer Demand

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. – September 12, 2014 – NextVR, a pioneer in immersive, high-definition virtual reality technology for live and recorded experiences, today announced their new NextVR Virtual Reality Digital Cinema Camera System. The advanced camera system is being used to film the first ultra high definition, 360-degree 3D virtual reality content for the mass market. NextVR will be exhibiting a six RED EPIC DRAGON version of the system within the RED Digital Cinema booth (Hall Number 10, Stand Number 10.A10) during IBC2014 in Amsterdam. Read More

Immersion-VRelia PRO Blue Sky Announcement

By TIFCA Press Releases

New division spearheaded by ImmersiON-VRelia and International Immersion Industries partnership

IRVINE, Calif. (August 15, 2014)— ImmersiON-VRelia announced today the launch of the immersive industry’s first-ever virtual reality commercial entertainment division. The new division will be dedicated to providing head mounted displays and content to amusement parks, visitor attractions, immersive cinemas and promotional platforms.  The division is the result of a new partnership between ImmersiON-VRelia and International Immersion Industries.

The partnership between ImmersiON-VRelia and International Immersion Industries (3I) marks the first dedicated move in the sector toward supporting the unique needs of the promotional, amusement, attraction and location-based entertainment sectors.

“Working with ImmersiON-VRelia, we will finally bring the much needed solutions to the commercial entertainment and leisure market at a critical point; this aspect of the industry is poised for substantial growth and appropriate technology will drive its rapid advancement,” said Kevin Williams, Chairman of International Immersion Industries. “We are extremely excited to join the efforts of ImmersiON-VRelia as it provides vital support to the emergence of the commercial VR sector.”

The commercial entertainment division’s primary focus in coming months will be developing the Immersion-VRelia ‘PRO Blue Sky.’ The PRO Blue Sky is a ruggedized head mounted display designed to meet the unique needs of entertainment and promotional applications based outside the home. With a groundbreaking 120-degree field of view and dual full high-definition 1080×1920 displays, the ‘PRO Blue Sky’ delivers previously unseen virtual reality features.

In addition, the reinforced construction of the PRO Blue Sky, coupled with appropriate warranties and technical support for commercial usage, makes this HMD the only one on the market able to manage the requirements of repeated application in the digital out-of-home entertainment sector. This HMD lets users safely and reliably enjoy immersive head mounted displays in public spaces. This eliminates the danger of using inappropriate consumer development kits not suited for this arena.

3I will undertake sales, marketing and promotional efforts for the commercial platform (PRO Blue Sky), bringing to the partnership its extensive background amassed in the international out-of-home entertainment sector.

“A true arcade experience is something that goes beyond what is available at home. Immersion-VRelia is finally bringing that sense of wonder and awe back to the commercial entertainment sector,” enthused Ethan Daniel Schur, CMO of Immersion-VRelia.

To support Blue Sky PRO, ImmersiON-VRelia will provide “The AlterSpace,” which will deliver content to entertainment and promotional organizations on demand. The AlterSpace is a cloud-based platform that will allow developers at all levels to design and market content like videos, games, applications, environments, mixed reality and immersive experiences for practically any industry. 

“In recent months we have experienced overwhelming interest from the entertainment sector – the industry is hungry to see the immersive experience evolve,” said Manuel R. Gutierrez Novelo, CEO of ImmersiON-VRelia. “Currently, our focus is expanding our team and platforms to support that specific demand. Our partnership with International Immersion Industries is an important step toward ensuring the market receives a great experience in all areas of the entertainment sector.”

For further information, investment or to pre-order the PRO Blue Sky, please visit

About ImmersiON-VRelia

ImmersiON-VRelia is focused exclusively on the creation of wide field-of-view 3D Stereoscopic Head Mounted Displays and Heads Up Displays for virtual reality and Augmented Reality for multiple industries.

About International Immersion Industries

The mission of International Immersion Industries is to enable immersive opportunities in Location Based Entertainment (LBE). LBE spans the gamut of all immersive hardware and software in future Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Metaverses. For more information, please visit

Immersive Technology Alliance and Member Events at SIGGRAPH 2014

By TIFCA Press Releases
New Member FOVE Joins Immersive Technology Alliance, SIGGRAPH Big Show For Immersive Tech

Ontario, Canada, — August 4, 2014 – Non-profit and non-proprietary, The Immersive Technology Alliance (The ITA) is the official voice and standards body for new immersive technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, stereoscopic 3D, gesture tech, and everything in-between. The ITA and several of its members will be participating in many functions during the upcoming SIGGRAPH conference and tradeshow August 10-14 at the Vancouver Convention Center.

“Along with 15 other virtual-reality related events at SIGGRAPH, the conference will be one of the biggest happenings of the year for virtual reality. The Immersive Technology Alliance has been crucial in helping to bring this effort together. Collaboration and support such as that provided by The ITA will be crucial for the success of this industry,” said Jason Jerald, Principal Consultant at Nextgen Interactions and key organizer of SIGGRAPH’s immersive technology sessions.

ITA Member Nextgen Interactions – Panel Moderator
ITA member Jason Jerald of Nextgen Interactions will be moderating SIGGRAPH’s official augmented and virtual reality panel on August 10th. This panel will feature many of the top industry players.

SIGGRAPH Global VR Meet up
ITA is one of the official sponsors and speakers at the SIGGRAPH Global VR Meet up. It’s a rare opportunity to try some of the latest immersive technologies before completion. Vendor highlights include Sixense, Cloudhead Games, NextGen Interactions, Dimension Technologies, Vanguard Valkyrie, ImmersiON-VRelia, Launchpad VR and more. Sample products include new gesture technologies, VR games, premium head mounted displays, innovative glasses-free stereoscopic 3D display prototypes, and more. There will also be informative presentations by The ITA, Silicon Valley Virtual Reality, Sixense, and Nextgen Interactions. For free registration:

Jon Peddie Research Press Luncheon
ITA member Jon Peddie Research is hosting a press luncheon on Wednesday August 13, 2014 about “virtualization” or the handling of remote resources, real time collaboration, streaming applications and more. Representatives will make presentations from Dreamworks Animation, Industrial Light & Magic, Microsoft Studios, OTOY, and Pixar. This press-only event could eventually have ramifications for the direction and growth of the immersive technology industry. Members of the media are encouraged to register:

The Immersive Technology Alliance was one of the judges for SIGGRAPH’s Augmented/Virtual Reality Contest. Meet the finalists and see who ultimately wins on August 12, 2014. Each of the three finalists receives an Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 and a Sixense STEM. The first-prize winner also receives Full Conference registration for SIGGRAPH 2015.

The ITA is also proud to announce their latest member FOVE Inc. A new head mounted display manufacturer, FOVE is a member of Microsoft’s Venture Accelerator’s program. While final specifications have yet to be released, FOVE’s core technology features eye-tracking for an enriched VR experience, higher performance, and improved interface in immersive space.

“With each new ITA member, it’s becoming clearer that immersive technologies like AR and VR are going to be diverse with all kinds of innovative benefits for content makers, technology enablers, and consumers. More importantly, it’s an indicator of industry working together to accomplish great things. We are excited to welcome FOVE to our growing alliance of industry builders and innovators,” said Neil Schneider, Executive Director of The ITA.

The ITA’s reason for being is to grow the immersive technology industry through education, joint initiatives, problem solving discussion, networking and non-proprietary representation. Private industry meetings are held regularly with international participation. Basic level membership is free for qualified content makers, and special arrangements are available for start-up technology makers. Email to learn more.

For more information and scheduling, visit:

The Immersive Technology Alliance:

The SIGGRAPH Global VR Meet-Up:

Jon Peddie Research Luncheon:

SIGGRAPH Augmented/Virtual Reality Contest:

SIGGRAPH Augmented/Virtual Reality Panel:

Media Contact:
Carol Warren
Crew Communications
Tel. 714-890-4500

2014 The Immersive Technology Alliance. All rights reserved. Specifications are subject to change without notice. All other trademarks are the property of their respective companies.

ImmersiON Announces Strategic Fusion With VRelia

By TIFCA Press Releases

Partnership will enhance the Augmented/Virtual Reality experience

IRVINE, Calif. (July 9, 2014)— ImmersiON, a USA company of Manuel R. Gutierrez Novelo, announced today its strategic fusion with VRelia, a company owned by Jose Antonio Garcia Marin headquartered in Spain. Novelo, the founder of internationally awarded TDVision, has proven a leader in the design and development of 3D digital infrastructure and visualization systems. Now, this partnership fusions ImmersiON’s HMD/HUD technology roadmap with the Professional Head Mounted Display business unit of VRelia to provide the user with an unparalleled experience.

Kevin Williams, Chairman of International Immersion Industries and Founder of the DNA Association, comments, “This is ground breaking news. By bringing together the emerging virtual reality technology of ImmersiON, their expertise and a fresh innovative startup like VRelia, a significant step has been taken in developing virtual reality technology and a true immersion experience. The fusion of these two leading companies has created an operation with a strong track record of establishing innovative technology internationally.”

ImmersiON and VRelia will co-develop, enhance and distribute the ImmersiON-VRelia Head Mounted Display/Heads-Up Display (HMD/HUD) for virtual reality and augmented reality applications, features not offered by any other company. With a 120-degree field of view and dual full high-definition 2160×1920 resolution, the ImmersiON-VRelia HMD features previously unseen augmented reality and virtual reality features. They include superior resolution and optics, with a wider field of view than any other products on the market, such as ANTVR, Morpheus and Oculus.

ImmersiON-VRelia personal display completes a virtual ecosystem that includes the AlterSpace AVR, an augmented and virtual- reality environment for interactive media, which is powered by A.I.L.E.E.N.N.’s Artificial Intelligence Neural Network engine. Paired with the other offerings, the new device will deliver an unparalleled experience.

The product is branded as ImmersiON-VRelia HMD/HUD, and is now available for pre-order at

“The fusion between ImmersiON and VRelia takes us a step closer to releasing the perfect head-mounted and heads-up device on the market. That, added to the AlterSpace ecosystem, combines virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence at its best, making the user experience a new kind of reality–a parallel universe, where the line between the real and the digital world is completely blurred,” said Manuel R. Gutierrez Novelo, architect of ImmersiON, AlterSpace, AILEENN and TDVision.

AlterSpace AVR applications span the gamut of technology. From education to medical to military training it provides a cutting edge training and learning environment. It also extends from those venues to include business meetings, social media and entertainment. AlterSpace AVR, is powered by A.I.L.E.E.N.N., an Artificial intelligence Logical Electronic Emulation Neural Network. AILEENN simulates human brain functions, including research, reasoning, pattern analysis, prediction and big-data logical correlations. AlterSpace AVR, utilizing the 3-D, high definition virtual experience of the ImmersiON-VRelia, pairs AILEENN to offer a complete immersive experience.

“When I sampled VRelia’s early work, I knew our industry had great things in store. Now that Immersion has partnered with VRelia, the leverage is there to really take things up a level. The market is clearly growing in the right direction, and we look forward to more positive developments from our membership,” said Neil Schneider, Executive Director of The Immersive Technology Alliance.

“VRelia and ImmersiON have fusioned with one single objective: to create VR and AR for massive adoption, from the users, with the users and for the users. With that objective, we will create a platform for everyone, with the most advanced technology for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence and years of experience in a portable system: The ImmersiON-VRelia HMD/HUD will be superior to anything you have seen before. This vision has united our companies and, working together, we will create a unique AVR ecosystem where every user will be able to contribute and share ideas, experiences and advancements to redefine the Virtual and Augmented Reality future,” said Vicente Diaz from VRelia.

For further information, investment or to pre-order the ImmersiON Head Mounted Display, please visit

More details about AlterSpace AVR, investment, features and joining the Early Adoption Program are available at

For Information, investment and Early Adoption Programs regarding A.I.L.E.E.N.N. please visit

About ImmersiON
ImmersiON is focused exclusively on the creation of wide field-of-view 3D Stereoscopic Head Mounted Displays and Heads Up Displays for virtual reality and augmented reality. The company is a startup initiative of Manuel R. Gutierrez Novelo, founder of TDVision, which continues the next generation of the TDVisor. The TDVisor is an HMD used by the military and the medical industries, and is the first full high definition 3D HMD since 2006.

About VRelia
VRELIA stands for Virtual Reality Technologies. VRELIA was founded in 2013 for the purpose of creating virtual reality projects. VRELIA has successfully developed the virtual reality headset VREYE PRO, the first dual full-HD 2160×1920 resolution virtual reality headset, and the VREYE GO, the most advanced virtual reality headset for smart phones currently available.

About AlterSpace
AlterSpace AVR is another startup initiative of Manuel R. Gutierrez Novelo. The company is committed to the development of a multiplatform, display-agnostic operating environment for work, entertainment, training, military, medical and education applications for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Augmented Virtuality under one same application, agnostic and running over the Cloud.

About A.I.L.E.E.N.N
AILEENN is an Artificial Intelligence Logical Electronic Emulation Neural Network created by Manuel R. Gutierrez Novelo. Based on Neural Networks, it utilizes fuzzy logic and a multidimensional, self adaptive, self learning back propagation network to analyze, predict and take action regarding any pattern with applications for business intelligence, government, military, medical, personal, social and big-data mining, cluster, correlation and scattered data analysis.

About TDVision Systems, Inc.
TDVision is the 2013 Lumiere Award winner for its contribution to the 3D Industry, including the world wide patented and standardized 2D+Delta MVC ISO 14496 Codec used in 3D Blu-ray discs, the Dynamic Convergence method for CG environments, and first in the world to draft the entire 3D Ecosystem from acquisition, encoding, generation, deployment, decoding and visualization of full HD 3D stereoscopic digital imaging.

VRLA Mixer, Meet us at E3 Expo

By TIFCA Press Releases

Meant to be Seen, the consumer arm of The Immersive Technology Alliance (The ITA), has a reporting team covering E3 for the latest news in the immersive, virtual and augmented reality space. If you have news for our association members, then please schedule an appointment.

The ITA and Meant to be Seen are proud to be media sponsors of the E3 VRLA Mixer. This event will be a great opportunity to try different virtual reality (VR) technologies and interact with the dynamic, game-changing people in the market space!

June 11th, 7 – 10PM
The Ace Hotel, 2nd Floor
929 South Broadway
Los Angeles, CA


Recent ITA highlights:

  • New members include: Hypercast, Iris VR (Technolust), Patched Reality and Opposable Games.
  • Other sample members include Technical Illusions (castAR), VRelia, YEI Technology (PrioVR), Next3D, Gameface Labs, Dynamic Digital Depth,
  • and more!
  • Basic level membership in The ITA is free for game developers and content makers. Email to inquire.
  • Next Immersive Technology Alliance meeting takes place June 18th, 2014 at 10:00AM PDT (1:00PM EDT). Private members-only access via teleconference / video conference.

Meet Neil Schneider

Neil Schneider is the Executive Director of The Immersive Technology Alliance ( This non-profit organization represents the needs and interests of the immersive technology industry. Featuring over thirty member companies and organizations, The ITA helps facilitate the augmented reality, virtual reality, stereoscopic 3D, and gesture tech industries.

Mr. Schneider is also the Founder of Meant to be Seen ( Featured in Popular Mechanics, Time Magazine, and countless media outlets, MTBS is regularly credited as the birthplace of The Oculus Rift, the Virtuix Omni, the open source Vireio Perception VR drivers, and more.

To schedule a time and place to meet with Neil Schneider, contact:

Carol Warren
714.890.4500 |o 714.865.6735 | c | e

DDD Releases Dimentia3D on Mobile

By TIFCA Press Releases

Los Angeles, California: DDD Group plc (AIM: DDD; OTCQX: DDDGY), the advanced imaging and 3D solutions company, has launched Dimentia3D™, an addictive 3D puzzle game on Google Play™.

Dimentia3D is a fast action 3D puzzle game that challenges players’ minds and reflexes to align falling shapes and complete rows on a multi-dimensional cube.

The game can be played in 2D on any compatible Android™ device (Android version 2.3 and higher) and comes into its own when played in stereoscopic 3D on a 3D capable smartphone or tablet. Read More

Epson Moverio BT-200 Advanced Augmented Reality Smart Glasses Shipping Commercially

By TIFCA Press Releases
Epson Targeting Enterprise, App Developers and Early Technology Adopters with Latest Generation Moverio Platform

LONG BEACH, CA – May 6, 2014 – Epson® today announced the commercial availability of its award-winning second-generation Moverio™ BT-200 smart glasses, delivering an advanced, full-featured augmented reality platform for enterprise, Android app developers and early adopters. With an MSRP of $699.99, the Epson Moverio BT-200 smart glasses are currently available through and

Leveraging Epson’s patented core technologies, the Moverio BT-200 offers an unparalleled binocular smart glasses experience optimized for augmented reality applications. Micro projectors located on each side of the eyeglasses project transparent overlays of digital content directly in the user’s field of view over the real-world environment. In addition, the Moverio BT-200 glasses contain sensors such as a gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetic compass for head-motion tracking and hands-free navigation. A front-facing camera for video and image capture also detects real-world markers for augmented reality (AR) applications. Read More