Ajay Fry Speaking at Immersed 2018

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News

Ajay Fry, Co-Host of HUD

One of the big trends future computing is looking at is eSports. This year, we are welcoming Ajay Fry, a regular co-host for HUD (Heads up Daily) on GINX ESPORTS TV. GINX ESPORTS TV is Canada’s only 24 hour eSports television channel.

Ajay will be giving a birds eye view of the market, share some of his stories and insights from his work at HUD / GINX ESPORTS TV, and keep a sharp eye out at Immersed for future computing developments he himself is excited about!

Affordance Studio Speaking at Immersed 2018

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News

The Immersed 2018 conference has begun to publish the presentation synopsis of our speakers, and professionals working in the education field will rejoice with the addition of Avery Rueb, Co-Founder of Affordance Studio.

Avery Rueb, Co-Founder
Affordance Studio

Affordance Studio makes classroom solutions that revolutionize the way we learn. Most worldwide schools don’t have stable WiFi connections making it impossible for teachers to use effective digital solutions to develop 21st century skills and knowledge for their students. Their solution is Dokoma, a learning management system (LMS) which can travel in a modified Rasperry Pi. Mr. Rueb will talk about the future of classroom content creation and delivery throughout the world. Read More

Immersed Welcomes Dr. David Rolston

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News

Dr. David Rolston, CEO, Tirocorp

Immersed 2018 is big on the future and tight on the hype, and we are proud to welcome Dr. David Rolston, CEO of Tirocorp to the summit.  Dr. Rolston’s career includes being a best selling author in AI development (“Principles of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems Development”, published 1988), he led one of the first VR companies, was a General Manager with multiple firms (TRW, Silicon Graphics, ATI), was the Vice-President of Engineering for ATI and the youngest Engineering Fellow ever appointed at Honeywell Inc.  He was also one of the developers behind DARPAnet, the precursor to the Internet! Read More

Immersed 2018 Welcomes Rama Krishna Aravind

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News

Founder & Creative Director
Poco Loco Amusements

Immersed 2018 is two months away, and our speakers line-up grew again. One of our latest additions is Rama Krishna Aravind, Founder & Creative Director for Poco Loco Amusements. This new venture aims to create hologram interactive X.R. Cinema and other innovative entertainment forms.

What caught our eye with Rama is he was Assistant Director for “Baahubali -The Beginning”, one of India’s highest grossing films ever made. He was later VFX Project Manager for “Baahubali – The Conclusion” which more than double its predecessors earnings.

Immersed 2018 is a future computing event (i.e. building what’s next with computers and computer media). Important themes include entertainment, healthcare, manufacturing, business, and education.

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TIFCA PATH Revealed For New Members

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News

Welcome to TIFCA!  The Package of Advanced Tools & Hardware (TIFCA PATH) is a well-rounded benefits package for first-time voting class members in The International Future Computing Association.  This also applies to existing non-voting members that upgrade to a voting class status.  “Voting class” refers to members that have a direct influence on the priorities of TIFCA and includes important voting and quorum rights and requirements.

Specially formulated by Intel, Advanced Micro Devices, M2 Insights, and The International Future Computing Association, TIFCA PATH delivers a wide range of hardware, software, and unique membership benefits that are easily valued in the thousands of dollars for any serious business or market leader.

JOIN TIFCA!  Our next voters meeting takes place November 7, 2018 in Toronto, Canada just ahead of the Immersed 2018 summit.

Leading Deal-Maker and VC Connector at Immersed 2018

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News

Andrew Schmied, CEO, APS Consulting

The Immersed 2018 summit is coming up November 8-9, 2018 in Toronto, Canada, and we are very excited about our newest addition to the speakers line-up: Andrew Schmied from APS Consulting.

Future computing is all about building what’s next through the pillars of compute performance & platforms, immersive technology, and innovative content & applications. New businesses in this space often need special investment, planning, and adjusting so dreams can indeed be products and part of our daily lives. To make that happen, experienced connectors are needed that can identify the challenges and know the right people to solve them. Read More

Studio 216 Speaking at Immersed 2018

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News

Jamie Fleming, CEO, Studio 216

TIFCA is pleased to announce that Jamie Fleming, CEO of Studio 216, will be speaking at Immersed. Studio 216 specializes in using immersive technologies like augmented and mixed reality to enhance the sales and design experience in architecture, retail, and business.

Immersed takes place November 8-9, 2018 at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, Canada and is celebrating its fifth anniversary! Immersed is a future computing event and is intended for businesses and professionals that are either building the technologies and content of the future, or companies and organizations that are looking to see how these developments can and will ultimately impact their day to day.

Sample speakers include Intel, AMD, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Jon Peddie Research, Pure Strategy, NextGen Interactions, and many more!

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