Epic Games’ Linda Sellheim Speaking at IFC Summit

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News
Linda Sellheim, Epic Games

Education Program Manager
Epic Games

TIFCA believes the Client-to-Cloud Revolution is going to play a very important role in both enhancing and expanding the abilities of education. TIFCA is honored to welcome Linda Sellheim, Education Manager for Epic Games, to the upcoming IFC Summit speakers list and education track.

Linda is responsible for forging Epic Games’ path for real-time 3D in the K-12 education space. She is a dynamic content strategist with proven experience as a leader in education and technology. Linda has a passion for teaching people how to create and collaborate at the intersection of physical and digital spaces. Read More

TIFCA Welcomes New ACT Chair

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News
Chistopher Kelly, Intel

ACT Chair: Christopher Kelly
Senior Director of Client Architecture, Client Computing Group
Intel Corporation

TIFCA is enabling the Client-to-Cloud Revolution through the future computing ecosystem. Reflecting the importance of this endeavor both to TIFCA and the industry, we are very proud to share that Christopher Kelly, Senior Director of Client Architecture in Intel’s Client Computing Group will help lead the charge as the Chair of the Alliance of Computing Technologists (ACT) within TIFCA. Read More

The International Future Computing Summit Schedule is ONLINE

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News

The IFC Summit schedule speaks to what the event has and what it wants to have.  When the summit is complete, delegates should have a full appreciation for what’s next in the Client-to-Cloud Revolution and how this next era of computing can influence them and how they can influence the next era.  The International Future Computing Summit runs November 5-6, 2019 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.

Speaking applications are still being reviewed and accepted. Speakers should review the schedule before applying so that the chances of acceptance are maximized. IFCS is open to fresh new topics provided they tie in well with future computing and/or the Client-to-Cloud Revolution.  Speakers should complete their applications ASAP as the schedule is getting finalized at an accelerated pace.

Client-to-Cloud Vision Document Published

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News

The Future Computing Ecosystem
The TIFCA leadership have agreed to publicize the first vision document of the Client-to-Cloud Revolution. This is the developing next era of computing and TIFCA is working with partners to enable it on a global scale. This document outlines the vision and is the first iterative step in what will be multiple discussions with members and industry partners needed to make this a full reality.

From the client to the cloud, from the tool makers to the content and application developers, from the vendors to the users and customers – everyone will be influenced by what the industry develops here. We want to hear from you and we want you to be part of this process. Read More

TIFCA Describes Client-to-Cloud Revolution on Gamasutra

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News

Executive Director
The International Future Computing Association

With the advent of 5G and upcoming streaming and gaming systems, the industry is preparing for the Client-to-Cloud Revolution (#clienttocloudrevolution).  Neil Schneider, Executive Director of TIFCA, shared an in-depth look at the direction this future computing market is heading and what it means for users and product builders alike.  The client-to-cloud revolution is shaping up to be a new era in computing, and TIFCA is engaged to help enable the necessary industry collaboration to make this succeed on a global scale.  Be sure to also learn about TIFCA’s upcoming International Future Computing Summit taking placing November 5-6, 2019 at the Computer History Musuem.

Client-to-Cloud Revolution Happening at IFC Summit

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News

The International Future Computing AssociationThe recent news and product announcements about impressive new content streaming services and high bandwidth capabilities are just the beginning.

The client-to-cloud ecosystem is going through a revolution where cloud and independent platforms like PC, console, mobile, and other devices are developing new types of collaboration in both distribution, and software and content execution. With the advent of 5G and other connectivity breakthroughs, devices of all sizes and abilities are expected to be enabled beyond the processing power they are built with. This will expand the client and consumer market size potential and make it possible for content and application creators to deliver even stronger offerings than previously thought possible. Read More

IFC Summit Reveals First Speakers

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News

An evolution is happening in the computing world that is going to influence the way we use and think of computers. Get ready for it by being at the International Future Computing Summit (IFC Summit)! The future computing ecosystem includes compute performance and platforms, immersive technology, and innovative content and applications. Read More

Open Call For Speakers at The International Future Computing Summit

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News

Since 2014, the International Future Computing Association (TIFCA) has been annually hosting the Immersed conference in Toronto, and it has consistently served as Canada’s leading immersive tech conference.

The Future Computing Ecosystem

Beginning last year, we expanded our mandate to address future computing.  Future computing is the practice of enabling what’s next through the pillars of compute performance and platforms, immersive technology, and innovative content and applications.  Now we are ready for the next step! Read More

TIFCA Meets During GDC 2019

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News

Each year, The International Future Computing Association holds its annual meeting during Game Developers Conference.  This year’s meeting included the future computing market leaders that work in compute performance and platforms, immersive technology, and innovative content and applications.

Special thanks to Intel and Advanced Micro Devices for co-sponsoring this exclusive meeting of the world’s top influencers in this space.  With a mission to lay down the groundwork and enhance the viability of building what’s next in the future computing world, TIFCA continues to demonstrate itself to be the place where things get done.  Interested parties are encouraged to contact us to learn more.