Neil Schneider Opens IFC Summit

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News

Featuring a wide assortment of speakers and ecosystem in the Client-to-Cloud Revolution, The International Future Computing Summit was a big success.  Presented by Neil Schneider, Executive Director of The International Future Computing Association, this opening presentation details the client-to-cloud ecosystem and how modern computing is changing.  It also outlines some short term objectives that TIFCA is working on with its membership.

Magic Leap Speaking at IFC Summit

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News
Mark Morrison, Magic Leap

Mark Morrison
Director of Sales for Media, Sports, and Entertainment
Magic Leap

Running November 5-6, 2019 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, The International Future Computing Summit is proud to welcome another industry-leading speaker.

Mark Morrison is Director of Sales for Media, Sports, and Entertainment at Magic Leap. Mark is going to talk about how we are getting closer to merging our digital experiences with our physical reality and ways to enhance the potential of spatial computing for entertainment and enterprise by reducing market segmentation.

Registrations close THIS FRIDAY!

Spirit AI Speaking at the IFC Summit

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News
Peter Alau, Spirit AI

Peter Alau
Director of Business Development
Spirit AI

One of the challenges of multiplayer games is their communities can run the risk of cyber-bullying and general toxicity, and it’s challenging to manage. With computing heading towards an even more diverse client-to-cloud ecosystem, this becomes an even more important consideration.

Joining the International Future Computing Summit’s list of esteemed speakers, Peter Alau is the Director of Business Development for Spirit AI. He is a 25+ year veteran of the video game industry and has worked with every AAA developer in the industry. His expertise in Online Communities, Game Development, Industry Trends, and Electronic Entertainment had him at PlayStation, GameSpy, Electronic Arts, Sony Online, Linden Lab, Digital Extremes, and others. In his current role at Spirit AI, he is focused on conversational AI and anti-toxicity technologies in online games.

The IFC Summit runs November 5-6, 2019 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.  Registrations close October 31, 2019 – REGISTER TODAY as space is limited.

HTC Speaking at the IFC Summit

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News
Vinay Narayan, HTC VIve

Vinay Narayan
Vice President, Platform Strategy and Developer Community

Immersive technology continues to be an important backbone for future computing and the Client-to-Cloud Revolution, and The International Future Computing Summit looks forward to welcoming Vinay Narayan, Vice President of Platform Strategy & Developer Community at HTC Vive.

Vinay oversees the company‚Äôs platform approach to ensure their products are delivering the best value to their customers and commercial partners. He also manages and grows HTC’s strategic relationships and leads their efforts to create and foster a community of developer partners who are passionate about XR. Read More

SPECIAL RATE IFC Summit Tickets Introduced

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News

The International Future Computing Summit
The International Future Computing Summit now has well over thirty international speakers with more on the way!

We received word that the IFC Summit is of direct interest to independent studios, small businesses, and start-up companies, and they need a ticket option that is more in line with their available budgets.

We’re happy to oblige! There is now a special ticket option for these valued communities listed at $495 USD instead of the standard $995 USD. It is a full access ticket complete with conference meals and receptions.  It’s important that ticket-holder ventures are not publishers and/or are not partially or fully owned by major companies or studios.  IFC Summit reserves the right to verify ticket-holder eligibility after purchase.

Register now because this class of ticket is in limited supply and registration for the IFC Summit finishes on October 31, 2019.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Speaking at the IFC Summit

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News
Jen MacLean, Amazon Web Services

Jen MacLean
Head, Worldwide Business Development
Small & Mid-sized Studios
Game Tech
Amazon Web Services

The International Future Computing Summit is thrilled to welcome Jen MacLean, Head of Worldwide Business Development for Small and Mid-Sized Studios in the Game Tech division of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Jen’s entire career has specialized in meeting the needs of game developers. In the Game Tech division at Amazon, Jen is responsible for helping developers be successful at every stage of content creation through Amazon Web Services, Twitch Prime, Alexa, and She is particularly excited about helping smaller studios innovate by providing many of the same tools and abilities that were once relegated to just the largest of companies. Read More

Alsop Louie Partners Speaking at IFC Summit

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News
Ernestine Fu, Venture Partner, Alsop Louie Partners

Ernestine Fu
Venture Partner
Alsop Louie Partners

TIFCA’s International Future Computing Summit continues to attract market leading speakers that have something to say about the Client-to-Cloud Revolution!

Ernestine Fu is Venture Partner at Alsop Louie Partners and will be joining the conference’s investment panel. Ernestine leads Alsop Louie Partners’ investment thesis in 3D printing and other disruptive technologies, and her companies include: Gfycat, Jetlore, Keyssa, MXD3D, New Matter, Wickr, WiFiSLAM, and others. She started her venture career after joining Alsop Louie Partners in early 2011 and then led her first investment within two months. She then developed and oversaw the campus associate outreach program, targeted at university startups. Outside the firm, she advises startups in data storage, payments, mobile analytics, and gaming. Read More

Accelbyte Speaking at IFC Summit

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News
Kevin Robertson, AccelByte

Kevin Robertson
Head of Business Development

The International Future Computing Summit running Nov 5-6 in Mountain View, California is continuing to welcome market-leading speakers!

AccelByte Inc builds and operates large scale online game publishing platforms via cloud technologies, services, and more. They also provide professional services for development and operations. Some of their clients include Epic Games, Electronic Arts, XBOX, GameSparks, Unity Technologies, and more. Kevin Robertson, their Head of Business Development, will speak on the IFC Summit’s games panel. He has 20 years of game industry experience, and his roles have included being QA Lead on the Battlefield and Lord of the Rings (LOTR) franchises, and Business Development leadership at Unity, GameSparks, FarBridge and now AccelByte. Read More