E3 Expo

E3 Expo, VRLA Mixer

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News
The Immersive Technology Alliance is going to have a presence at E3 Expo this year.  First, The ITA and Meant to be Seen are media sponsors for the VRLA E3 Mixer taking place Wednesday, June 11, 2014 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM (PDT).  Be sure to get registered in advance!

Meant to be Seen, the consumer arm of The ITA, will be covering E3’s immersive technology developments.  If qualified attendees and exhibitors wish to get interviewed on MTBS, please email right away.

Finally, Neil Schneider, Executive Director of The ITA will be onhand.  Please contact our press relations team to schedule interviews and meetings.

IRIS VR Joins The ITA, Next Meeting

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News

“One day, we will all be immersed in technology. We should bring allies. The Immersive Technology Alliance has a proven track record of being a place where leaders and pioneers in the immersive tech industries meet to share ideas and knowledge. I’m proud to be a member.” – Blair Renaud, Technolust Developer


IRIS VR makes Technolust, a highly acclaimed cyberpunk VR game that more than doubled its Kickstarter and raised almost $65,000 from excited gamers.  The title currently supports the Oculus Rift, and steps are being taken to have this demonstrated at a major event that will be announced shortly.

The Immersive Technology Alliance will be holding its next meeting on June 18, 2014 at 10:00AM PDT (1:00PM EDT).  This is a private members-only meeting accessible by teleconference / video conference.  There is still time to register, and The ITA will be talking about some exciting initiatives in active development.  Basic level membership is free for content makers. Email to inquire further.


Oculus VR Story on Popular Mechanics

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News
The article seems to only be available in hardcopy or paid digital download, but the whole Oculus VR story was shared in the June cover story of Popular Mechanics.  The Immersive Technology Alliance also got a mention along with ITA member Next3D (D.J. Roller) and others.

This was a wonderfully written article about Palmer Luckey and his continued success in VR.  It shares the history of how Oculus VR came to be at the grassroots level, it talks about the eventual Facebook acquisition, and it really drives home the most important part of this whole story – the people.  It was a warm article that reminds us that behind their multibillion dollar acquisition, there was a great story about down to earth people aiming for the stars.

Disclaimer: Oculus VR isn’t a current member of The Immersive Technology Alliance.  However, the article discusses how some of their early roots came to be via The ITA’s consumer arm Meant to be Seen.  This is not the same as a formal membership in the updated alliance and should not be construed as such.


Patched Reality Joins The ITA

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News

“This is a key moment in the evolution of AR and VR, with so many of the necessary technologies now converging. We are very excited to join the ITA to have the opportunity to collaborate with the other member organizations to share knowledge as we work together to tackle the many remaining challenges ahead for our industry.” – Patrick O’Shaughnessey, Founder of Patched Reality Read More


The ITA Welcomes Opposable Games, Hammerhead Interactive

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News
HammerHeadInteractive     OpposableGamesLogo

“Opposable Games is focused on providing exciting, innovative experiences inside and outside the gaming hemisphere, joining the ITA gives us a unique opportunity to engage with a network attempting to push forward, promote and share a great wealth of knowledge. Emerging technologies like virtual reality can seem a little daunting to work with, especially for individuals and smaller companies, so it’s great for the industry to have a body that’s easing out some of the teething issues and providing a platform for discussion.” – Dan Page, Opposable Games

The Immersive Technology Alliance is proud to welcome Hammerhead Interactive and Opposable Games to the fold! Read More

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Jerry Steinberg at Fox Sports Excited About VR and Next3D!

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News

“Next3D’s revolutionary technology has the power to truly connect viewers to sporting events as if they are THERE. Even better, actually, because viewers can move between different premium locations to ‘virtually attend’ the game.” – Jerry Steinberg, SVP, Fox Sports Media Group.”

The original press release describes Jerry as “retiring”, but only from the SVP position, and he is still very much there. David Cole, Co-Founder of ITA Member Next3D, said:

“Jerry Steinberg is at Fox, advising them on new technology. He’s the man who brought 3D to Fox Sports and will be the man to bring them VR.” – David Cole, Co-Founder of Next3D

Jerry is often credited as the “Godfather of Sports”. Congratulations Next3D! Be sure to check out the full press release.

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Nextgen Interactions’ VR Presentation at ECGC 2014

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News

Gamers Nexus featured a presentation by Jason Jerald, CEO of Nextgen Interactions and proud member of The ITA.  NextGen Interactions’ recent work includes developing a VR game that was shown with the Virtuix Omni on ABC’s Shark Tank, development with Valve Software on porting Left4Dead2 to a VR system that was featured in the New York Times, consulting for Oculus VR, and serious game development with Sixense Entertainment.

The session entitled Virtual Reality Gaming & Design Challenges at ECGC talks about everything from VR history to VR game design challenges.

Neil Schneider (L), David Traub (R), Alan Price (Middle)

VR Visionaries Join Up!

By Neil Schneider TIFCA News
“We produced Lawnmower Man during an era of $10,000 HMDs, but envisioned a time where affordable technologies enabled global access to positive and socially valuable immersive computing and entertainment. That time is NOW, and we are proud to join The ITA to help usher in this new era.” – David Traub, Principal of Epiphany Film Fund

Pictured above  on the right (during a fun GDC VR mixer that The ITA was a media sponsor of), David Traub is Principal of Epiphany Film Fund and was personally responsible for producing the on-display graphics work in the Lawnmower Man.  Lawnmower Man is the 1993 science fiction movie that introduced VR to the global audience.  Also pictured is Neil Schneider, Executive Director of the Alliance, and Alan Price, President of The ITA.

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