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Member Blogs & Education Sessions

Articles, videos, and blogs submitted by Immersed Access members.

The Museum of Tomorrow by Ricardo Laganaro

By Member Blogs & Education Sessions

The Immersive Technology Alliance holds private quarterly meetings, and they often include special presentations for our membership.  Ricardo Laganaro is Director for O2 Filmes, the largest production company in Brazil.  O2 Filmes’ owner is none other than Fernando Meirelles, the Oscar Academy Award nominated Director of City of God, Blindness, and The Constant Gardener. Read More

Immersed Europe, ITA Quarterly Meeting

By Member Blogs & Education Sessions


Earlier this week, we announced the preliminary speakers lineup for Immersed Europe taking place in Murcia, Spain on September 3-4.  Additional participants are being added regularly, and we are really excited about this because we’ve got the backing of true industry leaders like the Independent Game Developers Association, TIGA, The Visual Effects Society, and more. We are also very close to finalizing the venue for Immersed 2015 taking place in Toronto from October 4-6, 2015. Read More

Warning! Immersed Access is a Zombie-Free Zone!

By Member Blogs & Education Sessions
This is a No Zombie Zone!

This is a No Zombie Zone!  (Walking Dead in VR at E3 Expo)

The membership continues to grow with some really sharp people on the list, and the real promotion hasn’t started yet. Here’s the thing. People are busy, and it may be more difficult to share formal presentations so early in the game. Breaking the ice is also a bit harder when the group is as tenured as it is. Where else will you find a community of Academy Award winners, academic geniuses, and brave entrepreneurs working to pioneer a new industry?

I enjoy doing interviews on MTBS when I go to conferences and events, but this is usually for the benefit of end-users.  I don’t think this community is used to getting interviewed for the benefit of their peers versus their customers. It’s different, or at least I’d like it to be.

If we pursue this, it has to be interesting and fun – for me as well! If we do a few of these interviews, I think it will give members something to talk about and open the door for them to do their own stuff too.

However, the content shouldn’t begin and end with an interview! This is a chance to ask questions amongst ourselves, interact, or even have some healthy debates (borderline fistfights?) which could lead to other interviews, presentations, and some amazing discussion.

I’ll reach out to the group to get started. If you have additional ideas, please share!

The Importance of Talk

By Member Blogs & Education Sessions


So welcome to Immersed Access!  I’m pleased to see some new names appearing in the forums, and we are starting to see fresh activity.  While it’s The Immersive Technology Alliance that made this place possible, it’s something I was personally energized to do because I just felt it necessary.

It’s common knowledge at this point that The Oculus Rift and other technologies got their start on Meant to be Seen (  It was a golden time with the likes of John Carmack, Palmer Luckey, and countless others confidently sharing their opinions and ideas in the forums, and working to accomplish positive things for everyone.  That energy and positive collaboration predated them for some time, it’s just that the Rift is easily the most popular result. Read More

Sonar Presentation at FMX 2015

By Member Blogs & Education Sessions

Our latest member is Philipp Maas, the director and producer of the 360° short Sonar.  Philipp is planning to do a custom presentation for Immersed Access in the coming weeks that will feature new project updates.  Philipp is a computer animation freelancer and is enrolled at the Filmacademy Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

Leading up to his session, Philipp wants everyone to have the chance to see his presentation showcased at FMX 2015 (sorry; we couldn’t directly embed this particular video for technical reasons).  Fast forward to time index 34:50 for Sonar’s portion of the panel discussion.