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Member Blogs & Education Sessions

Articles, videos, and blogs submitted by Immersed Access members.

Immersed 2015: Moving Movies to VR

By Member Blogs & Education Sessions

This was just amazing!  As explained at the beginning of the presentation, it was impossible to bring the Mission Impossible V experience to Toronto.  Well…almost!  Check out Jose Luis Navarro’s talk about Moving Movies to VR.  He didn’t bring Tom Cruise, but he brought props!  Very creative work by very creative people; Jose is the CEO of InMediaStudio, the company which most recently did the Mission Impossible V and Tomorrowland VR experiences with more to come!

Immersive Reality: Not Just Virtual or Augmented (Immersed 2015)

By Member Blogs & Education Sessions

Dr. Jon Peddie is the President and CEO of Jon Peddie Research (JPR).  In addition to being one of the world’s top analysts in the GPU and CPU markets, JPR also publishes Techwatch, one of the industry’s leading publications in this space.  Dr. Peddie is also former President of SIGGRAPH Pioneers and is an established author; his most recent book is “The History of Visual Magic in Computers“.

The Vicarious Platform

By Member Blogs & Education Sessions

Alex Chu is the Co-Founder of Vicarious, a new magazine platform for immersive storytelling via new and legacy media formats that also removes the technical challenges of development.  This is his presentation from ITA’s most recent quarterly meeting.

Prior to starting Vicarious with JM Yujuico, Alex was the former Head of Design at Samsung Research in Dallas where Alex helped create Gear VR and designed Milk VR.  He also spoke at the ITA’s annual meeting during GDC.