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Articles, videos, and blogs submitted by Immersed Access members.

My Personal Soylent Green

By Member Blogs & Education Sessions

The following is an article being printed in Jon Peddie Research’s TechWatch based on JPR data, and while I’m under embargo until this evening, I got the go ahead to share it here early as I think it’s the only place where the industry can feel comfortable to openly discuss it.  I half-jokingly make the comparison to Soylent Green because we finally have core data to make a pretty solid sales prediction and strategy for immersive tech.  While some will like it and some will hate it, there isn’t much room for opinion here unless the numbers fail to hold up to scrutiny, though I trust my sources.  I’m hopeful this information will make it easier for ventures in the space to plan for the long term and appreciate the urgency to work together so this market is built to last. Read More

Immersed 2015: Immersive Audio For VR

By Member Blogs & Education Sessions

Jan Nordmann is Senior Director Business Development for New Media at Fraunhofer USA Digital Media Technologies.  This technical presentation talks about the effective use of audio in virtual reality.  Very well received!

Note: The audio was plugged directly in the camera for this presentation, and there is some distortion.  It gets much easier to hear once Jan starts talking.

Immersed Europe: Perception, Presence, and VR

By Member Blogs & Education Sessions

Matthew McGinity is the Founder of 2666 and has been creating immersive systems and applications in academic, industrial and artistic contexts for almost two decades, from prototyping VR simulations for astronauts at the European Space Agency to heading the computer science team at the iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research at UNSW Sydney.  His presentation is all about achieving presence in virtual reality; very interesting stuff!

Immersed Europe: Public Exhibition Panel

By Member Blogs & Education Sessions

With all the excitement about virtual reality in the home, it’s easy to forget that there is a viable and growing public exhibition market as well that has a very rich history to stand on.  This panel features:

  • Jose Luis Navarro, CEO, InMediaStudio
  • Kevin Williams, Chairman, DNA Association
  • Chuck Ian Gordon, Gordon’s Arcade

This proved to be very entertaining!