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ITA Meetings & Discussion

ITA meetings and attached commentary.

ITA Membership Meeting: December 14, 2017

By Neil Schneider ITA Meetings & Discussion

2018 is going to represent a new era for The Immersive Technology Alliance.  In addition to joining forces with The Open Gaming Alliance and broadening our membership base, we are also going to be pursuing an expanded yet specialized scope that continues to benefit our membership and drive market growth in a manner that wasn’t possible before. Read More

ITA Membership Meeting: August 4, 2017

By Neil Schneider ITA Meetings & Discussion

Key presentations in this meeting included:

  • Neil Schneider, ITA’s Executive Director, shared latest developments and plans for the ITA.
  • Ryan McCall, Director of Sales & Business Development for Futuremark discussed their latest VRMark software.
  • Simon Benson, Co-Founder of Realised Realities discussed their new business and key challenges in the VR market today.

Some quick trivia: Simon Benson was formerly Director of the Worldwide Studios Immersive Technology Group at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, and much of Sony’s PSVR is based on IP that Simon developed.


ITA / ITA VR Council Meeting 07/15/16

By Neil Schneider ITA Meetings & Discussion

Headlined by Dr Jason Jerald, this meeting discusses the multiple types of virtual reality guidelines and possible directions for the alliance.

As there are so many types, we decided to build a Data Collection Working Group so we are certain we are working on guidelines and strategies that will result in something meaningful and influential for the market.  This Working Group’s next meeting will help design a brief survey to make sure we are collecting the right information.

ITA Membership Meeting: December 2, 2015

By Neil Schneider ITA Meetings & Discussion

Highlights of this meeting include:

  • Announcement of joining forces with the VR Council and becoming whole within The ITA.
  • Presentation: Daryl Sartain, the new ITA VR Council Chair and Director of VR for Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
  • Presentation: Neil Schneider, ITA Executive Director, highlights for the year, initiatives moving forward.
  • Presentation: Bertrand Nepveu, CEO of VRvana
  • Presentation: Paul Gailey Alburquerque, Marketing Director, Droiders

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