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Building ROI in The Magicverse

By October 30, 2019SchedulePages

Mark Morrison, Magic Leap

Mark Morrison
Director, Sales – Media, Sports, and Entertainment
Magic Leap

With all of the innovation in computing over the last ten years, we’re getting closer to merging our digital experiences with our physical reality.  Always-on technology in our pockets has brought a lot of business opportunities to some. But, we’ve experienced more segmentation in this process where there should be less.

What if our internet evolved into an immersive spatial computing platform where any device or experience could connect without proprietary limitations, anytime, anywhere?  This could open up more opportunities to the masses on both sides of enterprise business.  Isn’t this what interactive content, AR, and VR have been waiting for: a truly self-sustaining ecosystem?  Let’s explore what the Magicverse means for early adopting companies and consumers and why their input and interactions will be so important towards how it evolves.