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Bit Space Development Speaking at the International Future Computing Summit

By December 2, 2022TIFCA News

Join the remote work and play industry and CORA (Create Once Reach All) ecosystem at the 2022 virtual International Future Computing Summit on December 6, 2022. FREE registration at SPACE IS LIMITED.

Who better to have a pulse on what’s next and what the remote work and play industry needs to happen next than the actual customers of remote work and play tools, services, and all the supporting technologies?

This year’s futurists panel is gathering employers and team leaders that will discuss where they think the remote work and play industry is headed, what will drive new generations of innovation, and what remote work and play could look like five to ten years from now.

Joining this panel is Daniel Blair, CEO of Bit Space Development. Bit Space Development is an XR studio focused on the creation of immersive learning experiences and research into the creation of digital twins. Driving their remote workforce, Daniel is an award-winning entrepreneur & software developer. Dan has been involved in developing experiences targeted towards remote language learning and classroom experiences, trades and tools training experiences, and advanced simulators that involve custom peripherals to make learning remotely more robust.

The IFC Summit’s 20+ speakers include industry-leading organizations like Microsoft, Nvidia, AMD, Intel, Nutanix, HP , Lenovo, Panasonic, Jon Peddie Research, M2 Insights, Mythical Games, Poppelgaard, Beamr, Geogram, Trusted Computing Group, Bit Space Development, and more with more to come.

TIFCA believes the Remote Work and Play industry wants to find ways to grow its revenue and business further. If you are part of the remote work and play industry or CORA ecosystem and you share in this belief, we look forward to seeing you at the International Future Computing Summit!