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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Speaking at the IFC Summit

By October 15, 2019TIFCA News
Jen MacLean, Amazon Web Services

Jen MacLean
Head, Worldwide Business Development
Small & Mid-sized Studios
Game Tech
Amazon Web Services

The International Future Computing Summit is thrilled to welcome Jen MacLean, Head of Worldwide Business Development for Small and Mid-Sized Studios in the Game Tech division of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Jen’s entire career has specialized in meeting the needs of game developers. In the Game Tech division at Amazon, Jen is responsible for helping developers be successful at every stage of content creation through Amazon Web Services, Twitch Prime, Alexa, and She is particularly excited about helping smaller studios innovate by providing many of the same tools and abilities that were once relegated to just the largest of companies.

Prior to her work at Amazon, Jen served as Executive Director for the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) and the IGDA Foundation.

We are very excited about Jen’s participation because few individuals have the same breadth of experience when it comes to meeting the needs of content developers as well as appreciating the intricacies and benefits of new industry advances like the Client-to-Cloud Revolution.

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