A Virtualized World

By Neil Schneider October 2, 2019 October 14th, 2019 SchedulePages

Gary Radburn, Dell

Gary Radburn
Virtualization and Commercial VR and AR

Even though the number of cores is increasing in workstations, many applications have yet to scale and take advantage of these inherent abilities. This means that many businesses have yet to take full advantage of their computing hardware and investments because some of what makes their workstations perform is not getting fully utilized.

A potential solution is to take advantage of the virtualization of workstations and their workloads by centralizing the management and data in secure locations, and then having the processing distributed both locally and remotely according to where resources are available and where it’s most effective for workloads to get done.

This presentation will discuss how the technology works and how it can be set up to make computing infrastructure that much more effective in business environments.