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ITA Opens VR Discussions at FMX 2016

By April 18, 2016TIFCA News

FMX is easily the premier event for networking and learning from market leaders and pioneers working in digital media and technology. This year, The Immersive Technology Alliance has been honored to work with their content development team to help build their program pertaining to virtual reality and immersive tech, though thanks to their team’s hard work, most already know to make their way down to FMX each year. It’s just the place to be!

This year, ITA Executive Director¬†Neil Schneider is going to moderate the opening panel entitled the Present and Future of Virtual Reality. Featured speakers include Simon Benson, Director of the Immersive Technology Group at Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, Daniel O’Brien the Vice President of VR Planning and Management at HTC, Alon Melchner, the Founder and President of WakingApp, and Dr. Michael Madary, Post-doctoral Researcher working in the Ethics of Virtual Reality at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. If all goes to plan, Optoma will be on the speakers list as well.

The panel will cover everything from hardware and software to content creation and ethical considerations with immersive tech. The Immersive Technology Alliance is honored to work with such a conference, and a pleasure to head up such a panel. We are very excited!