International Future Computing SummitComputing is heading towards an era of any place, any time, and any device user experiences that are delivered through a CORA (Create Once Reach All) ecosystem.  This ecosystem is enabled by a diverse mix of client devices, cloud services, connectivity, innovative technologies, tools, and content.

In December 2020, the annual International Future Computing Summit took place as a virtual gathering of industry that are or could be part of a CORA ecosystem.

What the Future of Computing Could Look Like

Over the course of decades, computing has evolved in nearly every respect: ability, horsepower, connectivity, portability, and immersion. Dr. Jon Peddie shares TIFCA’s insights on what the next era of computing could look like and why.

  • Dr. Jon Peddie, CEO, Jon Peddie Research

The Project CORA Vision Paper

Project CORA (Create Once Reach All) is TIFCA’s proposal to enable a single piece of content to run on many client devices from a single workflow and build process. It can take advantage of the capabilities of each client device, and support a client, cloud, and hybrid client-cloud workload balanced compute ecosystem.

This session begins with analysis of where the ecosystem is today along with a summary of some of its core challenges. This is followed by a proposal for Project CORA along with a first-attempt birds eye view of a potential framework. TIFCA welcomes the industry to contribute to Project CORA through participation, framework engineering, and bold new ideas.

  • Neil Schneider, Executive Director, TIFCA
  • Marius Varga, Teaching and Research Associate, University of Plymouth

Tools & Workflows

When discussing cross-platform, it’s important to acknowledge the process and challenges that tools and technology makers go through to help enable the ecosystem with the latest innovations. This series of discussions tells the story of some of these tools and technologies in a cross-platform world.

  • Neil Schneider, Executive Director, TIFCA (Moderator)
  • Chris Hall, Director of Software Development, Advanced Micro Devices (NO PHOTO)
  • Dr. Reuven Bakalash, CEO, Adshir
  • Steve Brightfield, Chief Marketing Officer, Siliconarts

Innovations in Cross-Platform Support

The next era of computing will enable a world of any place, any time, and any device user experiences that are delivered through a create-once reach-all approach. While this is an ambitious future-thinking vision, we are beginning to see real evidence of this next era of computing in action.

This panel features innovators that are changing the way content and applications are created, processed and distributed, with some innovations being readily available TODAY.

  • Neil Schneider, Executive Director, TIFCA (Moderator)
  • Jarl Ostensen, Vice-President Technology, Polystream
  • Dr. Max Limper, CEO and Co-Founder,Darmstadt Graphics Group
  • Jeremy Alessi, CEO, StreamSDK

Open Standards and Infrastructure

For something to truly be a new computing era, it requires far more than one or more innovative products. It needs a vibrant community of partners and competitors working towards a strong ecosystem to live in. This ecosystem includes standards, platforms, intellectual property, a rule of law, and a desire to be far more than what any one organization can be on its own.

This discussion focuses on leading standards and ecosystem drivers contributing to our developing cross-platform world.

  • Neil Trevett, President, The Khronos Group
  • Jeff McVeigh, VP and GM, Visual Computing Products, Intel

Industry Cross-Section: Infrastructure

The future of cross-platform is expected to become even more exciting and complex than it is today. This panel brings together a cross section of leading experts on infrastructure that should be considered in a future cross-platform world.

  • Neil Schneider, Executive Director, TIFCA (Moderator)
  • Lynn Comp, Vice-President, Data Center Group; General Manager Visual Infrastructure Division and NPG Strategy, Intel Corporation
  • Terence Ng, Head of Global Software Services, Lenovo
  • Bebo White, Department Associate (Emeritus) SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Stanford University
  • Eli Lubitch, President, Beamr
  • Richard Huddy, Chief Gaming Developer Relations Manager, Huawei

Analysts Corner

This panel provides a birds eye view of content development, technology, and infrastructure in the client-cloud ecosystem.

  • Kevin Williams, CEO, The Stinger Report (Moderator)
  • Thomas Poppelgaard, CEO, Poppelgaard
  • Wanda Meloni, CEO, M2 Insights
  • Ben Delaney, CEO, Immersive Edge Advisors

Content Development in a Cross-Platform World

The words cross-platform are heavily invested in compute models, operating systems, and choice of game engine and software platform. This panel gathers different viewpoints of what the future has in store for cross-platform.


  • Neil Schneider, Executive Director, TIFCA (Moderator)
  • Bill Fishkin, CEO, Theia Interactive
  • Ryan McCall, Director Global Sales & Marketing, UL
  • Mark Morrison, CEO, ShowSpace Technologies